What Our Students Say

Becca JexThird year Law student

Working in the Lancaster University Law Clinic was an invaluable experience which has provided me with skills that I can take into my final year. Being granted this opportunity made me realise that I would like to specialise in private client work in the future and I cannot wait to put the skills I learnt into practice.

Stella HadjiloucasThird year Law student

Working as a student advisor for the Law Clinic has been a very enjoyable experience that has given me a valuable insight into the work done by solicitors. Interviewing clients has enabled me to develop my communication, teamwork and client-care skills, but it has also boosted my confidence. My research has allowed me to develop my legal knowledge in areas of law not taught in my degree. Providing help and support to members of the local community has also been a rewarding experience.

Farah AliThird year Law student

The Law Clinic provides me with a valuable opportunity to bridge the gap between life as a law student and life as a trainee solicitor. Further, it provides the local community in Lancaster the chance to accessibly obtain free legal advice. This is particularly important in a climate where legal aid support is scarcely available. It is also an excellent opportunity to practice my interviewing and letter-drafting skills, improving my ability to apply the law to real life scenarios.

Ryan WhittakerThird year Law student

Being part of the Law Clinic has allowed me to use the knowledge I had gathered from prior legal work experience, to ensure clients receive a client-focused service. This has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills, whilst also ensuring the local community can receive free and accessible advice.

Ted HendeyThird year Law student

My time working in the Law Clinic has been very enjoyable and has provided me with a range of skills which I believe will help me pursue my career as a solicitor. I have greatly improved my interviewing and client relationship skills as well as develop my professional legal writing style via the letters of advice. It is very rewarding to know that I am helping the community and providing a service that is in demand.